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Integrity Wealth Management Client Survey

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Financial Planning

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      Knowing your probablity of running out of money.

      Knowing the investment return (required return) you'll need to reach your goals.

      Knowing the probability of achieving your required return.

      Knowing the amount of capital you need to fully fund all of your goals.

      Knowing and tracking your net worth on an annual basis.

      Knowing the amount and type of life insurance you should maintain (if applicable).

      Knowing how much each of your heirs will receive if you were to die suddenly.

      Knowing whether you are unitentionally favoring one heir over the other.

      Knowing if your estate will be subject to the federal estate tax.

      Knowing the earliest date on which you could afford to retire.

      Receiving a comprehensiveevaluation of financialand non-financial risk exposure.

      Knowing if your debt ratios are in line with standardized guidlines.




   1     2     3     4     5    N/A

      Knowing the expected return of your investment portfolio.

      Tracking your investment portfolio's actual return.

      Knowing the level of risk in your investment portfolio.

      Knowing your probability of experiencing negative returns.

      Knowing your approximate "maximum" loss.

      Knowing and understanding the composition of your portfolio.

      Understanding the fees associated with your investments.


Client Service


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      Having your phone calls returned promptly.

      Having an advisor who is held to a fiduciary standard (highest standard in the industry).

      Learning more about your investments and/or financial planning strategies.

      Knowing the details of the financial planning and investment management process.

      Receiving independent/objective advice.

      Having someone act as "coordinator" pertaining to your financial life.

      Receiving full and complete disclosure on ALL items.

      Meeting with your advisor on a regular basis and receiving updates on your progress.