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Sample Portfolio Reports

Portfolio Snapshot Report

This report provides a great deal of useful information and helps to answer several important questions. How much risk is in the portfolio? How has the portfolio performed in the past? How much are the expenses of the portfolio? And more!


Stock Overlap Report

Many times identical stocks are held in multiple funds of a client portfolio. A potential problem exists as one manager may be buying additional shares of stock while another manager is selling shares of the same stock. This creates inefficiencies in the portfolio.  This report answers this all important question, “How much stock overlap is there?”


Investment Detail Report

This report answers a number of important questions. What specific companies does the fund hold? How much risk is in the fund? How has it performed in the past? How does this compare to its peers? And more!


Performance within Category (Graph)

There are several possible reasons why a portfolio fund performs poorly. To find out, you need to examine the individual managers within the portfolio. Is it the manager’s fault or is it simply due to a market decline? This report compares a specific fund manager to his narrowly defined peer group. If the fund has had a consistent history of lagging its peers, it may be time to eliminate it from the portfolio.


Comparing Different Portfolios

When faced with the choice of selecting a portfolio from multiple options, how do you know which one to choose? This report makes the task much easier. Which portfolio has the greatest risk to principle? Which has performed better in the past? Which portfolio provides the most attractive risk/return tradeoff? And more!