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Portfolio Management Process

In many firms, you, the client, are asked to fill out a risk tolerance questionnaire. Even if the questionnaire accurately assesses your tolerance for risk, it only provides one piece of the puzzle. The other piece is critical. "What is the rate of return you need to earn to achieve your goals?" Without this, how do you know if the portfolio you have will accomplish what you require?

Our nine step process is as follows:

1) Determine Required Rate of Return

2) Determine Risk Tolerance

3) Determine Broad Allocation (Stocks, Bonds, Cash, and Alternative Investments)

4) Create Investment Policy Statement

5) Determine Investment Sub Categories (Subcategories within broad categories)

6) Choose Individual Investments within Subcategories

7) Stress Test Portfolio for Probability of Achieving Required Rate of Return

8) Implement Portfolio

9) Monitor Portfolio

A Visual of Our Nine Step Investment Process