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Financial Planning

Financial planning is a highly personalized, dynamic process designed to pull together all aspects of an individual's financial life into one cohesive document. As an analysis tool, a financial plan provides an advisor with important information to help facilitate prudent decision making. Moreover, the best decisions are usually made after most, if not all relevant information is known.

Larger firms will commonly use financial planning to sell products rather than help in the decision making process.

There are a number of software vendors who provide financial planning software. The typical "off-the-shelf" software program is filled with a great deal of "fluff." Unnecessary pictures and words tend to "muddy the water" leaving you, the client, to sort through it in search of the essential information.

At Integrity Wealth Management, LLC, we have developed, over time, our own proprietary financial planning analysis which cuts through the clutter by eliminating unnecessary filler. Our plan will provide you with the quality of content you should expect in a financial plan.