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Conflict Disclosure Statement

As of November 2008


This document is intended to convey our official policy pertaining to conflicts of interest which may exist between our clients and Integrity Wealth Management, Inc., Michael J. Patton, President.

Integrity Wealth Management, Inc. is required, by law, to act in a fiduciary capacity with regard to activities such as financial planning, portfolio management, and other advice related areas of practice. As such, we will place the interests of our clients ahead of our own, at all times, without exception. Following is a list of potential conflicts of interest commonly found in financial services companies and our policy relating to each.

1. We do not have any arrangements, whether oral or in writing, whereby we are paid cash or receive any economic benefit (including commissions, equipment or non-research services) from a non-client in connection with giving advice to clients.

2. We do not directly or indirectly compensate any person for client referrals.

3. We do not accept cash, trips, lunches, or other inducements from any third party, including mutual fund companies, insurance companies, or any other company with whom we conduct business.

4. We do not receive commissions for the management of client assets.

5. We do not offer any proprietary products.

6. We do not act as principal in any investment transactions with our clients.