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Welcome to Integrity Wealth Management
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Thank you for visiting. I hope you will take a few minutes to discover a different way of receiving financial advice. Today, there are many business models and advisors from which to choose. The difficultly lies in understanding the facts of each and selecting one which is best suited for your particular situation. There are large firms and small firms as well as captive employees and independent advisors.

Here's an example to illustrate one difference. Financial advisors employed by publicly traded brokerage firms and banks have a conflict of interest between generating revenue for themselves, their company, and its shareholders.  This business model is largely "sales driven" and does not place the client's interest at the center of the relationship.

There is also a significant difference in the various types of advisors. To learn more, you may refer to an article I wrote for Investment Advisor magazine entitled, "B/D or RIA? The Case for the Registered Investment Advisor."

At Integrity Wealth Management, Inc., we are an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and are required by law, to place the interests of the client first, at all times.

I'm confident that if you spend even a modest amount of time on this website learning about some of these differences, you'll find significant value in the information.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss this in greater detail.

Again, thank you for visiting.

Michael J Patton, CFP, AEP, BCE, CTS, CMFC
President, Integrity Wealth Management, Inc.
Contributing Editor, Investment Advisor Magazine
Columnist with

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